What is EZShortlist?

A tailored service for your hiring needs.
It saves you time and finds the best

Save time

We will select the best candidates for you.
You no longer have to spend hours setting up interviews and dealing with no-shows. 

Vetted candidates

All candidates have been reviewed and verified, specifically for your restaurant.

How does it work?


You tell us about the role you're hiring for.


For next 7 days, you get an email with hand-picked, vetted candidates for  YOUR restaurant.


For each shortlisted candidate - WE review resume, run social  verification, and check references.                        


Contact the candidates you liked directly to setup interviews.                          


Don't like the shortlist? Tell us how you'd like to tweak it for the next batch.                         

Why is this better than just posting on Craigslist or Indeed?

Simply put, Edizeven's vetting process.

What does it cost?

 For just $99 per position, you get a lot more than a job post. 

We post the job for you.
We shortlist candidates that fit your needs.
No more time wasted scanning hundreds of applications that don't fit your needs. 
You simply call candidates from our shortlist and schedule interviews.

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