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10 Must Have Pieces Of Equipment In A Commercial Restaurant Kitchen

Setting up a small food business can be troubling if you are not aware of what to have in your commercial restaurant kitchen. The first step is always the heavier, but once you’ve invested in the right things, you tend to take lighter steps ahead. There are always thousands of things on the list when starting a business, but you need to choose the most efficient and basic at the start. If you are planning to make the success of your newly launched restaurant evident, here are 10 important pieces you just need to have in your restaurant kitchen;

1.  Oven

When we talk about ovens, it is important to acknowledge that this piece is super-versatile. You can prepare a long list of menus with only this piece in your commercial restaurant kitchen. May it be buns, pastries, doughs, and whatnot, the oven has got you all covered. It is surely a central piece of the restaurant kitchen. However, they come in several sizes, you can choose the one that fits in your space perfectly, without taking up extra space.

2.  Refrigerators and freezers

There’s no denying the fact that freezers and refrigerators are kitchen essentials. To keep the food and ingredients fresh, freezers play an important role. Not having a refrigerator might drag you into violation of food safety and health codes as food is well preserved in freezers and refrigerators. If your commercial restaurant kitchen is situated in a hot climate, you can’t compromise on the quality of your freezers. Here you can get the most reliable commercial restaurant equipment & supply | Kitchenall.

3.  Mixers

A major part of any simple menu may require mixers in the kitchen. If you have included deserts in the menu of your restaurant then this piece becomes highly essential. However, you can choose the mixers depending on the volume of the food. There are several mixers such as floor mixers, hand mixers, and countertop mixers. If you are burdened with a high volume of food then floor mixers are for you, otherwise, hand mixers and countertop mixers can help in managing moderate load.

4.  Small cooking equipment

You can’t risk the time of washing dishes again and again to serve multiple customers. You need to have a bulk of stock available for it. Here are the things you need to have in a good amount; pans, knives, mixing bowls, baking pads, rags & towels, whisks, and spoons of all sizes. These are the smallest must-have pieces in your kitchen as they will enhance the efficiency of the work carried out by helpers, cooks, chefs, and all the other staff of the kitchen.

5.  Slicers

How can we forget slicers when opening up a commercial restaurant kitchen? As evident by the name, slicers are required to slice down things such as cheese, meat, and vegetables. Even a mandarin slicer is very important in the restaurant kitchen. You can buy them from the nearest mart as well. Whenever you are planning to buy the slicers, try to consider things such as the blade size, horsepower, and functionality in terms of manual and automatic.

6.  Storage containers

Proper food containers can surely help in minimizing food wastage in your restaurant kitchen. If the food items are finely arranged, it becomes easier for the staff to work and avoid any errors. There are little things such as dough boxes, food storage containers that come in different shapes and sizes, and most importantly kitchen canisters. All these little pieces play a significant role in the overall functioning of the kitchen. For storage containers, you can close your eyes and trust Cambro products!

7.  Deep fryers and grills

The kitchen seems empty without any grills or deep fryers, right? Doughnuts, fries, and all the most-demanded food require deep fryers. Depending on your need, you can set the temperature of the fryers as well. Hearing the word grill, reminds us of burgers, steaks, sandwiches, and all the food that blows up the taste buds with joy. As the grill takes a sufficient amount of space, you can choose the right size for your kitchen. You can either choose a gas or electric grill.

8.  Cutting boards

There are a lot of food items that need to be cut properly. This is where cutting boards come in. When it comes to cutting boards, you have the option of wood or plastic. However, it is much more convenient to clean and maintain plastic boards and you can also buy them in different colors for different types of food.

9.  Takeout Containers and Bags

No matter whether you run a fine-dine kitchen or a drive-thru or a buffet, you will always have people who want to take their food home. Especially in this post-COVID world. Make sure to always have to-go containers and bags to meet your client’s needs, along with additional containers to take any dressings, etc.

10. Kitchen safety equipment

No matter how big or small the kitchen is, you need to have kitchen safety equipment by your side. It will help ensure the safety of chiefs, customers, and other staff members. Safety equipment such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers, gloves, goggles, and floor mats are easy to get from the nearest store.

Where to buy:

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