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Five Myths About Bartending Profession

Bartenders are gorgeous people who spin, shake and prepare affluent tasty cocktails to serve you in the bar. Their dramatic movements and serving styles will catch anyone’s eyes that may create different perceptions about bartending profession. Unfortunately, many drinkers have copious wrong opinions and beliefs about this profession that are nothing more than myths. Such misconceptions can prevent someone from beginning his career as a bartender since myths are infections in general. However, we have listed the five biggest myths about bartending profession to let you know the actual scenario.

1. It is easy as pie

People around a bartender often think that they are doing a relaxed job and spending amusing time at the bar all day long. However, the truth is thoroughly opposite. Being a bartender is tougher than you think. It is a social job where one needs to take care of every customer gently. They deal with hundreds of people per day for 10 to 12 hours of working shift. Besides, each customer expects their attention. It is unimaginable mental and physical pressure. A bartender goes through a nightmare during rush hours because they have to multitask with the highest attention.

2. Bartenders are drunk

A general perception of people about bartenders is that all of them are drunk since they always deal with drinks. Do they really drink at all? Well, it depends. First of all, drinking habit is not a job requirement to be a proactive bartender. But, some management can even encourage them to drink for better harmony with customers – though rarely.

3. It’s a side gig

Bartending is an excellent option as a side job. But, there are tons of full-time bartenders as well. Being a full-time bartender is even provided with a number of benefits too. Most of them are working as full-time employees. Moreover, they often enjoy a very flexible schedule. They earn a standard salary on average like other regular jobs. Besides, a big portion of their income comes from tips. It is clear as day that bartending is a real job with full-time employment facilities. But, they also face ups and downs in their career like any other sector.

4. They are too chatty

The profession is for damn smart people all around the world. We often watch them on TV programs that they are so chatty with a great sense of humor. However, it may not be true in real life. Almost all bartenders are good at starting small talk, even they would like to gossip with customers too. But, these people are shockingly busy serving drinks all day long. That’s why any bargoer should respect their career and realize their hectic schedule. Bartenders may not like to talk to you regarding any sensitive issues. They are facing drastic pressure all day long. So, no one should annoy them anyway. However, a thing to keep in mind is that most of them are humorous, and they will flirt you back if they get flirted!

5. It’s a fun job

The job may seem glamorous and full of fun. However, bartending is one of the most stressful jobs. Each day, they face hundreds of customers with thousands of requirements. In the meantime, they are required to be polite, a multitasker too. Sometimes they have to experience awful situations and face accountability to the management; which they know nothing about. They often hear uncomfortable questions, even dirty talk, and criticism from customers that pour extra stresses on their heads. Whatever happens around them, they must maintain them in a smart way and without any mistake. If you observe them, it makes sense that the job is highly stressful and may not seem well-suited for everyone.

Is bartending a good career?

Though there are tons of misconceptions regarding this profession, bartending has great potential in the US, Europe, and pretty much every place. I mean who doesn’t like a good drink – which means more demand for bartenders.

Outside of bars, some people even indulge in hiring bartenders for home parties – which is actually a great way to make additional income, more fun, and definitely less stressful. Bartending is a good career to choose from many aspects. You can earn a decent amount of money if you are passionate about this profession. Working as a bartender will not only generate earning, but you will also gather experiences. Chances are you can utilize these experiences and open your own bar someday.


This is an entirely social job. If you can establish a career in it, you certainly will enhance the ability to manage extremely stressful situations in any task. In sum, bartending is a good career choice for people who are smart as well as have patience.