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6 Bar Accessories Every Bartender Needs For Better Service

Mixology is a skilful art that has seen many unique creations. Through these developments, bars have been subjected to constant evolution both in terms of drinks and methods.

While knowledge and skills are without a doubt essential in every bar, having the right bar accessories and equipment certainly does help make things a lot easier and efficient. Since quality service is an equally important part of your business, having the right tools can make things more streamlined for you.

From tools for your drinks like shakers, strainers, and juicers to accessories for your bar like custom beer mats, there’s a lot of equipment you can use to improve your establishment and thereby better your service.

If you’re looking for functionally yet trendy bar accessories and equipment to improve your establishment’s service, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some basic yet essential bar accessories every drinking establishment should have.

1. Beer Mats And Coasters

While accessories that bring functionality are necessary, those that can represent your brand will work even better in improving your bar’s presence.

From personalised beer mats to bespoke coasters, you can use these accessories and customise them to create unique merchandise. What’s more, this also doubles up as a great marketing tool for your business.

Professional beer mat printing companies like Mosaic Board Printers usually have sample templates available which you could use for your establishment. Not only do these beer mats and coasters serve as a great accessory for your business, but also help you further establish your branding.

Another idea you could try out is to partner with a beer coaster printing company to create merchandise which you could sell to regular customers and have on each table of your bar to spruce the place up a bit.

2. Bar Tools

The secret behind a great cocktail is always the tools; they’re key in mixing and creating a stunning drink. From bespoke shakers and wine openers to bar spoons and strainers, bar tools are an essential element for every bar.

However, while these may be basic or standard essentials, they need not be simple or boring. From uniquely designed shakers to artistic wine openers, your bar can have stylish equipment that is sure to make the drink creation process all the more fun!

Additionally, mixing fancy cocktails with the best tools is sure to make your customers impressed with your service, meaning having basic yet unique bar tools are sure to prove beneficial for your establishment.

3. Storing Equipment

From stylish glass cabinets to cocktail rails, having stylish storage options is always a good idea. Since a bartender will have their fair share of things to look after, having functional yet bespoke storage equipment can certainly make things easier for them.

For example, a cocktail rail is used to hold the drinks a bartender needs while mixing. While being functional, these rails also serve as a stylish accessory that can elevate your bar.

Another idea you could consider is to keep the cutting board for your garnishes near your rail or glass racks so that you can have easy access to all the required tools in one place.

4. Ice Kits

Ice buckets always come in handy to quickly serve your customers a chilled drink whenever required. While these buckets are present at every bar, there’s another great accessory that you could consider for your establishment – ice kits.

For every mixologist looking to enhance their drink, an ice kit can serve as a great idea in making your drink more stunning. You can impress your patrons with your skills by serving them signature drinks that have unique ice cube shapes. 

From crushed ice and spherical moulds to floral shapes and elongated cubes, you can get as creative as you want with the help of a bespoke ice kit.

5. Unique Glasses

While a stem less wine glass is usually the go-to for all bars, if you’re feeling a little creative, consider using unique or personalized wine glasses or fancy cocktail glasses such as mason jars. Its inexpensive yet fun.

Many establishments have stepped up their game when it comes to serving their dishes or drinks, why should you stay behind? Be it customising a glass with different colours or using unique-shaped artistic glasses, there are many possibilities for you to consider.

Moreover, your fancy drink, when served in an equally impressive wine glass is sure to impress your customers meaning it is a great accessory that you should have in your establishment.

6. Bar Towels

Although not quite glamorous as the other accessories, a bar towel is without a doubt an absolute essential for your establishment.

Let’s face it, bars can get messy from time to time – from minor spills to brawls, every establishment is prone to some or the other incident. While there’s not much you can do for fights, when it comes to spills or a mess on a table, having a handy bar towel nearby is always helpful.

However, they need not necessarily be simple or boring; much like your personalised beer mats, you can also customise your bar towels to make them more impressive.

To Sum Up

By making minor improvements and paying attention to tiny details, you’re sure to elevate your bar. 

Since every establishment more or less focuses on major improvements, by taking care of elements like bar accessories and extra equipment, your service and experience are sure to improve.

Incorporate these amazing accessories into your bar to further enhance the overall drink experience and atmosphere of your establishment.