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Restaurant Job Posts – 4 Red Flags To Watch For

Looking for a new job in the restaurant industry can be intimidating, whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned pro. There is a multitude of job postings to go through and each one might seem at first glance that it could be your next job; however, there are red flags you should watch for.

Red flags are signs that you should steer away from a job post. It can indicate that the company culture is not friendly or it could suggest that there is a problem in management.

Here are 4 red flags to watch for when you are looking for a job in the hospitality & restaurant industry:

#1 You Have Seen This Job Posted – A Lot!

If you work in restaurants and other hospitality jobs, you keep your eye out on the job postings. Not necessarily because you hate your job – just because you never know when your dream job will become available, right? So, if you have noticed that a company is constantly hiring for new staff, take note of it. If they always have a need to hire new staff it means that people are starting and leaving in quick succession, which means they are not happy. If staff don’t stick around very long, it is not the job you want.

#2 They Are Hiring For Multiple Positions

If a job ad says that they are hiring for all positions – cooks, runners, hostesses, bussers, servers, bartenders – you should be wary. It may mean nothing. It may mean that the restaurant has new owners and they let go of all the old staff and are restructuring. That in itself is a red flag because unless all the old staff were horrible it is better to work with them than to start from scratch. It may suggest that the new owners have an “all or nothing” attitude and they are not flexible. It could tell you that the business is in a restructuring period. If any of those situations are true, it is better to wait and see how the company is faring a few months down the road.

#3 They Business Name Is Not Mentioned

Some places think that not mentioning their business name will get more applications. How are you supposed to do any research on the business though if you don’t know who they are? And you should be doing a little research. Just the lightest web search can provide valuable information about the culture of the restaurant and the work environment. The business might be trying to hide the fact that employees have not been happy working there or that patrons have had a bad experience. If you can’t get basic information about a company before you apply to work there, chances are, they are trying to hide something.

#4 They Omit Details

Job ads that don’t have many details suggest several things about the company that is advertising. They may not tell you exactly what the job is or they may skip out on telling you what your duties would be. How do you know if you want the job if you’re not even sure what it is? Maybe they don’t even know what the job will entail and think that they can change the job description as they see fit after you’re hired. If that’s the case you might end up doing a whole pile of work that you would not normally agree to. It can also suggest that whoever is doing the hiring is not organized. If they can’t even put together a job ad that gives future employees a good idea of what will be expected of them, can you expect them to be clear about it after you’re hired?

You Deserve That Awesome Job

Many people think that because you work in the hospitality industry, you have to take what you can get. Yes, there is a fair amount of competition for jobs. You’re worth the awesome job though. So, instead of applying for a hundred iffy jobs, choose the jobs you apply for carefully. Spend a little time doing some research about the company and find out if it is the best fit for you. Also, you can learn information about the business that will help you craft an excellent resume and cover letter that will make you stand out among all the applications they get. Good job ads will provide you with all the information you need and increase your chances of getting hired.

Danielle has been working in restaurants for about 15 years. She's currently a server but has also worked as a cook, hostess, and dishwasher. Her daily motto is "It's a great day to serve some smiles." She also spends a great deal of time writing and reading everything she can get her hands on while her 3 cats try to distract her. Danielle has also worked as a freelance writer for 15 years. She's written about a wide array of topics and is currently accepting new clients. Send an email to to discuss your project!