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Los Angeles: 5 culinary schools with 5 different outlooks

Are you passionate about cooking and want to bring your career to the next level? 

Maybe those spaghetti alfredo you master in your sleep will not do the trick. Some professional learning is much needed instead. But how to start? In this article Edizeven will proudly present five different culinary schools for each type of learner. Do a degree or just a course – it is your call. 

The fancy one: Le Cordon Bleu College

Very flexible in the time you want to study (7 months to two years), but not so flexible on your bank account: That`s “Le Cordon Bleu College” in a nutshell. A degree there will cost you up to 70 000 bucks, but to have the name on your CV will also open you many kitchen doors.

The cool one: Eatz

As the name suggests, Eatz is not only about professional cooking, but also about the atmosphere. Cozily cooking with friends and before you know it, you have learned a great deal. This school is for everyone, who takes a chilled approach on learning. If you head into Eatz for some lessons, you are not up to opening your own Michelin Star restaurant. You rather want to boost your skills in a fun environment. 

The artsy one: School of Culinary Arts

Food preparation is not only about throwing the right ingredients together. It is much more than that: It is an art. That is why the School of Culinary Arts has this quite literally written on their flags. If you like to give a whole visual and nonetheless super tasty experience to your guests when you cook, this might be your perfect place to study. 

The professional one: Academy of Culinary Education

At the Academy of Culinary Education, the focus lies on learning, structure and gradually mastering even the hardest of dishes. It is focusing on future full time cooks, who really want to dominate the different cuisines of the world and be a true master-chef. 

The specialized one: Sushi Chef Institute

Here you will not perfectionate those spaghetti alfredo. At the Sushi Chef Institute, it is all about Asian cuisines, especially Sushi, of course. And trust us, if you master this school, you will be hired in a heartbeat. Recruitment is our daily bread and nothing is harder than finding a great and specialized Sushi Chef in LA. 

We hope that our glimpse at these 5 different schools has inspired you to take some classes or even sign up for a degree. If you find it difficult to afford the learning experience, check out these top scholarships for culinary schools.