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How To Make Your Mobile Bartending Business Famous?

You have established your bartending business by investing a lot of money. You have all the quality products to offer, everything is perfect. But that can’t increase your customer base. You have to put some extra effort to make your bartending business famous. You have to increase the visibility of your business in different mediums to grab the attention of your prospects. Let’s have a look at the ways to make your business loud. 

Presence on social media

Technology and social media advancement have changed the horizons of life. Now people spend most of their time on a smartphone. They are busy all the time with social media scrolling and searching on google. Using media power to make your business famous is a great and cost-effective idea. Social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are great bar marketing platforms. Let’s review some tactics to reach out to your audience on social media.

Facebook page

Create a Facebook page to interact with your audience. Post photos, videos, and polls to get the reviews to promote your bar event ideas. Experiment with your post at different time slots to check the availability of your customers on social media. Create event invitations for free. Ask people to visit the places or events your bar is going to serve in. This interaction will allow your customer to fill the review or query form.  

Unique hashtags

Try to approach your customer by using creative hashtags. Whatever event you are going to serve, ask them to use your bar as a reference on their social media. Offer some discounts to those who visit your bar by using these hashtags. 

Bar website

Create your website and add such keywords in your content that can direct your customers to your area. This technique will increase traffic to your website. Offer some other nearby places directions with the help of apps like trip advisor, google my business. 

Blogging or newsletter

Blogging is a good idea to engage your audience with your bar by creating photos, videos, and related stuff. You can generate a newsletter to inform your audience about the ongoing events through email. So, they will get to know about you if say a bartender is needed for an event

Live stream

You can connect your audience by using the live stream option on social media. It will allow your customer to ask you about your services and you can answer them. You can use this technique later in case of a pandemic when people can’t attend any bar to entertain themselves. You can make videos like how to make a cocktail at home? Or say show a video showing how to use various bartending tools ?.

Diversification and bar menu promotion

You can diversify your business and inform your customers that they can have all their favorite food options in one place with their desired drinks. You can show the menu card with prices and an interesting display of food. You can also add an article on your website on the nutritional importance of the dishes you are offering. 

Bar special

Create a plan to offer some deals that are the specialty of your bar only. Like you can add names to offers like happy hour, daily deal, meetup meal, etc. be creative with your wordings and ideas. 

Bar alcohol delivery and takeout’s

Because your competitor is very active and the trend for delivering food at home is the top trend of 2020. Educate your customer on how they can order home delivery of their drinks and food. Make sure they know that you care for their safety and comfort to make your mobile bartending services valuable. 

Bar entertainment

People love places where they can enjoy their time the most. So, if you want to make your bartender famous you have to be the biggest entertainment provider. Thousands of ideas can help you to have enjoyable activities at your bar. Try to come up with creative talent while playing music according to the trends. you can arrange theme parties, offer different sports, etc. to make their time memorable.

Seasonal promotions and events

You can use occasional holidays in the favor of your bar promotion. You can design your food items with different cocktails to make a connection with the holiday event and can entertain your customer. People can hire you for their parties and weddings due to your creative approaches. You can also add a note at the end of your post if a bartender is needed for the event, then please click here or you may add your contact number.

Publicity and partnerships

You can collaborate with any local company to make your presence visible in the town. You can participate in a charity night, can offer an animal shelter or fundraising event with some other juice company. Mobile bartender services are easy to explore. People can find it attractive but the only thing you have to follow is the right strategy to make your bartender visible and famous. 

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