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Remodeling in Pandemic times

Restaurant Remodeling in Pandemic times?

How difficult could be a Restaurant Remodeling in this times?

The year had passed and there was never room to organize a closing of the establishment to give the deserved attention to the spaces?

In a day-to-day running of a restaurant, there are many responsibilities plus daily tasks, goals to be accomplished and objectives to be achieved.

Now, that the vast majority of food businesses are closed or working halfway, perhaps you will find an ideal opportunity to make renovations, especially if these will give your business the benefit of maintaining the safety and health of everyone.

You must find success

in the “new normality” that Covid-19 brought us.

The main question you should ask yourself is how you should redesign the user experience to make it safer for everyone without neglecting the culinary experience?

Oh, it’s a difficult question, but one that has a solution! Continue reading 😉

  • Functionality

The success of restaurant spaces applies when it allows everyone to move smoothly through the corridors, entrances, and exits.

The challenge?

Now, these transit spaces must be wider, with fewer obstacles in the vicinity so that people can move around comfortably and avoid unnecessary contact.

Find ideas for DIY here

  • Intimacy… and distance

Intimacy to be able to talk and share quietly has always been highly valued, but now it is more than that.

Due to the need for extended distances, the reduction of attention capacity, and the considerable decrease of available space, you can remove a part of your furniture, this way you can create safe and intimate spaces for your clients.

You don’t need to add a lot of decorative objects

to generate separation of spaces.


  • Clean and circulating air

Consider maintaining your air system frequently checked up and updating its filtration systems; this way the system filters will always be in optimal conditions.

  • Furniture

Be very critical with your business furniture, as it may need to be disinfected and cleaned more times in a day than usual, which can lead to increased wear and tear.

Maybe using natural products is less corrosive and you will score a point with the care of the environment.

  • Take out

If your restaurant space is too small or you can’t afford to make any modifications, then consider investing in delivery or take-out.

Tip: consider a space to be used only for this purpose,
as well as for the delivery drivers of the various apps you can affiliate with.

Finally, when you have completed the remodeling/restructuring of your restaurant and you are ready to open, consider the experience you will provide to the consumer.


Restaurants, bars, and cafes usually take into account offering some kind of shows with thematic days or for particular celebrations. However, remember that we are all a little nervous about the surroundings and crowds. What can you do to confront this?

Warn people that there will be entertainment in advance,

consider the space of distance and that the time of every presentation will not be too long.

If you have the possibility to set up tables outside of your business, congratulations! You have a great chance to create open spaces to give your guests a great and creative experience. Here someideas.

Take advantage of this opportunity

and invest in your website and online presence.

Keep in mind, when remodeling, all the many lessons that we have learned these last months due to the Covid-19, so write them down and try to implement solutions where you can.

It is possible that your future self will appreciate it!


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