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The Best Cooking and Restaurant Games

The cooking game genre has exploded in recent years, with dozens of phone and PC games popping up. Most games are geared toward creating delicious recipes and running an efficient kitchen to make money. They help develop time management skills in children and help adults relax and have some fun. Here is our curated list of top 7 cooking and restaurant games loved by people working in the restaurant industry professionals.

#1 Battle Chef Brigade

Battle Chef Brigade is an anime-style game that combines the fun of cooking games with the traditional monster combat games. You’ll hunt for ingredients and cook them up in the kitchen while battling bad guys! It can be a single or multi-player game.


“Game had so much charm, it should have been an anime. We desperately need a Battle Chef Brigade 2, because the first one is a must buy.” — AllySky

#2 Dungeon Munchies

Dungeon Munchies is an RPG game focused on survival — you have to create recipes that pack a serious nutritional punch. The twist? The ingredients are the bad guys so you have to defeat them first.


“…Dungeon Munchies is a wonderful game so far. The combat is excellent, the writing is funny and intriguing, and the visuals have a lot of character.” — PCInvasion

#3 Cooking Simulator

Cooking Simulator is a first-person PC game that’s focused on actually improving your cooking skills rather than some mindless fun. The game is based on physics, so it adds a realistic element to your slicing and dicing. 


“If you are looking for a chill game with awesome cooking mechanics this game is it.” — BirdOfPrey

4. Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is a tasty time management game for ages 4+. Don’t worry, it’s not just for kids! The game features more than 400 recipes and 20 different locations. You learn to cook recipes from many different worldwide cuisines such as Chinese and Italian. You can also decorate your restaurant. It has over 1,000 levels, so you won’t be bored any time soon! Android, iOS


“This game is amazing! It’s so fun to play! I love that the restaurauts [sic] don’t just serve food. Like the stadium sells soccer balls too. The one critique I have is that I think it should me a bit easier to earn gems.” — Willough Larsen

#5 Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is a combination of growing your own ingredients, cooking recipes, and serving your guests. You can compete in fun weekly events, decorate your kitchen, watch cooking videos, or view animated “movies” about the exciting life of Mama. Android, iOS


“I was slightly overwhelmed when I first installed this game by the numerous different types of games that were all rolled into one flawlessly. There are so many different types of things you can do in this game that I hadn’t expected at all, it blew me away. Great game.” — Gio 

#6 My Cafe

My Cafe lets you experience life as a cafe owner. Choose whatever type of cafe you’d like (a coffee shop, a classic diner, a fancy bistro, etc.) and decorate your space. Hire and train your team, create recipes, and set menu prices. You also get to meet your customers and learn about their unique backgrounds. Team up with friends to create whole towns together! Android, iOS


“I love this strategy game! I’m hooked! The graphics, storylines, and competition are well-made and well-prepared. I just wish you’ll ADD MORE PRIZES in bunny and on township festivals. I LOVED IT when you doubled the gem prize for completed tasks on the festival before the Origami! It rewards active players!” — Cris D. 

#7 Diner Dash Adventures

Diner Dash Adventures is all about speed! You have to cook your food and serve it quickly to keep your score up and prevent the evil Eat-Mor fast-food chain from running you out of business. Just like in a real restaurant, you want to seat guests strategically so your staff can serve them quickly. Also just like in real life, you have a few Karens who will come in and try to make life difficult for you! Android, iOS


“I love playing! It’s relaxing to decorate, the designs are beautiful and filled with colors! A fun way to kill time, fair play, allows you to win prizes, bonuses, and more! Thank you for making this game! I have always loved to play Diner Dash since I was younger and this new version is excellent!” — Kiki Lulu

If this has intrigued you enough that you want to have a real-life experience of a restaurant job, then let’s get started.

Melissa was a server for five years and a cook for one day. Now she writes about food and restaurants. You can reach her at <a href=""></a>.