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Weird Things That Make Cooks Happy

Cooking can be a very stressful job. If you work in a kitchen, you know that the fast pace, the kitchen drama, and the learning curve can drive you around the bend. You will have good days and not-so-good days. And sometimes, you’ve got to grab at your little bits of happiness to turn a rough day into a good day. 

The thing is, it’s odd little things that can make a cook happy. In other jobs, it is praise, raises, promotions, and job challenges that make you happy. those things make cooks happy, too; but they don’t come everyday. Instead, you find happiness in the weirdest places.

So what weird things have been known to make cooks happy?

#1 New Equipment

There is nothing so exciting as coming in to work to find out that the old relic of a broiler that you’ve had to fight with every single day has been replaced by something shiny and new. Or even something somewhat shiny and gently used. You no longer need to turn the knobs three times and stomp your feet three times and turn in a circle counter clockwise to make the crusty old broiler work. Now, there is a spiffy new broiler that will turn on just by turning the knob one single time. And no special dance required.

#2 New Brooms/Mops/Dust Pans

Such simple things but regularly used, minor tools make the cook’s job so much easier. There is nothing worse than having to jam the broom head back on every 30 seconds when you are sweeping the floors in between rushes. Other minor tools being replaced can make your day, too. Who doesn’t love coming in to find the old spatula that had a screw loose is in the garbage and a nice sturdy one has replaced it?

#3 Sharp Knives

Image source: Pixabay

You know how it works. Every night you promise yourself that you’re going to find time to sharpen the knives but then the rush comes. The prep needs to be finished. And then you have to fix the dishwasher again. Before you know it the night is over and it is time to close up. Isn’t it the most thrilling thing in the world when you come in for your shift and find out that the staff working the shift before you sharpened the knives and now you can cut through a tomato like you’re cutting through the air? Sharp knives are everything.

#4 Snacks That They Don’t Have To Make

Most nights, if you even have time to make yourself a meal or a snack, you spend most of the time you have available thinking of what you want to eat (please, nothing that is actually on the menu!). Then, by the time you’ve made it and are ready to eat, new orders are coming in and there’s no time to enjoy it in peace. But every once in a while, someone brings in the stew that their mom made and they couldn’t eat it all by themselves, or someone’s grandma brings by homemade apple crisp for everyone to share. When that happens, cooks are the happiest people on the face of the Earth!

#5 New Dishwashers That Go Above and Beyond

Sometimes, cooks have to ask several times to have pots and pans and other kitchen tools washed so that they can be used when they are needed. But then, a new dishwasher starts who goes above and beyond to help the kitchen staff do their job better. They not only do their own job well, but they step in to help the kitchen when they are caught up. They sweep and mop, clean up spills, and do more than is required of them. It can be a huge asset to the kitchen to have a dishwasher that goes above and beyond to be part of the team.

Do you work in a kitchen? If you do, what weird things make you happy?

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