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Top de restaurantes para trabajar, propiedad de mujeres, en Los Angeles

Where to work? Best women-owned restaurants in LA

Looking for amazing places to work? These are the 5 best “women-owned” restaurants to work for near Los Angeles!

What makes a restaurant outstanding are not only the awards, mentions, or comments from clients (very important, by the way).

The restaurants are also characterized by the staff they have, how the service is, how friendly and attentive they are to details.

Team’s performance depends on how they feel in their workspace.

It’s important to look out for a restaurant’s culinary knowledge, experience, and track record towards employees. It’s also important to understand how connected they are to the community. Their commitment to social causes sets them apart from the rest.

We all like to work in a place with strong values, something we can be proud of.

Even for acclaimed restaurants, when considering your next job opportunity think about how is the workplace? Are there good job benefits? Do they offer a good teamwork environment?

And what ex-workers have to say about the place? Their opinions are very valuable.

Let’s start this Top 5 list where, in addition, to being amazing restaurants, most of them are the life project of an entrepreneurial woman in Los Angeles 😉

Let’s celebrate some of these Woman Powerhouses!

1. Poppy + Rose

Husband & wife duo Michael and Kwini Reed are the owners behind Poppy + Rose, where they serve classic American comfort food made with fresh ingredients.

There isn’t much information about their relationship with employees, but one thing that definitely speaks for them is their actions.

It says a lot about how great people they are.

See an interview with the couple here and check out their Indeed profile.

2. Nong La Cafe

Straight from East Asia, brothers Elaine and Victor Phuong opened the restaurant in 2012, in honor of their mother.

After experimenting with ancient family recipes and a lot of research into the original flavors of Vietnam’s streets, they brought to life all meals their mom made at home.

On their Glassdoor profile, there are very positive reviews from previous employees about their work environment.

Also, on Indeed you can find salary specifications and more positive reviews!

That sounds like a good place to consider ;D

In addition, they have had a lot of presence in the press, see here the articles: Eater, CNTraveler, The Infatuation, and The Helm.

3. Pizzeria Mozza

Nancy Silverton promises us a trip through the wine spaces of Italy, while we taste the art that is in their pizzas.

Pizzeria Mozza has been recognized as one of the best pizzerias in the country because of its Californian ingredients and a spectacular crust (yummy!).

In addition, they have a commitment to sustainability with society.

What about the work team? According to their website, they love hiring new people to expand their borders.

In their Indeed profile, they have comments such as “Great place to work with good facilities for the staff”.

Take a look and let us know what do you think? (:

Pizzeria Mozza

4. Border Grill

When the vast majority of reviews from the employees began with “I’m proud to work at Border Grill”… Woow!

Definitely gives us a place to be considered!

Chef/Owners Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken have multiple Border Grill locations, but in addition, the Chef team has food trucks, a catering business, and service events.

They don’t stop there, they are leading sustainability initiatives and developing their culinary offerings into cookbooks, radio, and television shows, and spin-offs, where the importance of combining fresh, flavorful, and organic ingredients with “hand-shaken cocktails, vibrant design, and friendly service helps to create an unforgettable dining experience takes precedence.”

Check their website here.

Check out the reviews and comments.

Kismet5. Kismet

Chefs Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson created a menu featuring dishes from Israel, Turkey, Iran, and other magical places that create perfect gastronomic harmonies.

We’re not sure if we should eat the food or admire its beautiful presentation colors.

They work exclusively with local producers who offer seasonal products, we know the impact this generates.

They are not only an attractive and familiar space, but they also are in very good esteem among the community and very good opinions of their workers.

Check here what is being said about Kismet.

In addition, their work has been published a great number of times and has done collaborations with many gastronomic artists and social causes.

Take a look

And of course, if our last, but not least, member of this Top caught your attention, they are always accepting applications on their web page.

We’re done with our Top “Best women-owned restaurants in Los Angeles”, but tell us if you would add another women-owned restaurant to this list and why.

Tell us all about working there!

Maybe your experience will help others make a job decision in this beautiful gastronomic world.

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