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8 Things only a restaurant staff will understand. Must know for newbies.

Working as a restaurant staff can surely teach you a lot of discipline, but can be challenging and demanding too. Working at a restaurant is just like your favorite TV show ‘The Office’ – only messier. If you are a newbie, take this job as a class preparing you for adult life, away from your mother’s beloved cooking, and to help you become more organized.  And if after a shift, you haven’t got the slightest bit of grease or ketchup on you, then you have got lots of “learning” to do. So let’s jump into it, here are 8 things only a restaurant staff will understand that newbies need to know:

Kitchen can get messy.

 While this one is a given, no one besides restaurant staff actually understands how messy the kitchen can get, and certainly how some of these messes cannot be preventable as well. Whenever the grill is used, you always expect cooking oil to splatter. Kitchen messes are a daily occurrence, and while messes can be very frustrating, they can teach new employees common mistakes and how to prevent them.

Karens. Just Karens, enough said

Karens are self-entitled humans who throw tantrums and love to see people get fired. They definitely want to ruin your life. They complain about everything big or small and they do not know how to mind their business. They’re even Karens that complain about the food. A few examples to quote, “ I didn’t get cheese on my hamburger” or “ I want pancakes” when it’s not even breakfast time. Karens are miserable people that want to make you equally miserable, and they love to target diverse restaurants only to stereotype and be racist. Often times the manager will back you up and ask Karen to leave. But Karens are essentially disobedient and think the world revolves around them when in reality, they are hurtful, rude, and ignorant. 

One minute you are a cashier, the next you are working the grill

Restaurants are usually busy to the point where there is no time to worry about the condition of the work floor, and that means if you are a cashier and there are no ordering customers, your manager is going to make you run over to the kitchen, and run out with an order. Rushes can be problematic for new employees, as they may have been trained on the grill, but they have yet to actually use the grill. Busy days can teach a lot, but they require time for a new employee to go through a busy day with little to no mistakes. Rest assured, you will be doing more than the role you were hired for. You will for sure learn how to multi-task 😉.

Seeing your GM working in the kitchen means they truly care

As a newbie, you will quickly understand that the General Manager only has time for the kitchen crew to just be assigned to tasks, then spends the rest of the time in the office, but if he/she is able to contribute to the kitchen crew by any means, they truly care for his staff and want to contribute. That’s the kind of manager you want to work for or become eventually. At the end of the day, it’s a team effort and the manager is the team captain. They want to ensure the best service, a smooth service – nothing better than having a GM working alongside the grill to save the day!

The new cook

You as the new cook could be described as passionate, but you might always expect one daily answer to the question ”how do I do this?” while you are still learning. While this is certainly not a bad thing to ask, it can hinder a busy shift, and coworkers might not be able to answer this question, leaving you, the newbie to potentially make mistakes. We all do learn from mistakes, but there are right and wrong times for them, as these mistakes can lead customers to come up to the desk asking where their food is at, or why they have someone else’s food, even potential for the kitchen to lag. Try and learn from your co-workers during low hours and help make a smooth service.

What happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen….unless you break a plate

At the end of the day, we are all trying to keep a seamless experience for the customers to enjoy their nights, and it may occasionally otherwise prove to be difficult, they may have given you a very specific order, or they may be a Karen, or it might be way too busy to tend to their needs. Whatever it may be, regardless if you are a server or not, it is up to the kitchen to create a well-rounded experience for the customer, they are there for the food after all, and if the kitchen doesn’t deliver well, it will be you, the server as the face of the restaurant that will take the brunt, the kitchen may hear from the manager, but they will never hear from the customer, so you relax a bit 🙂 but learn fast, check your work and deliver strong.

Slow days means effortless income. Unless, you are sent home

We cannot help it if the day is slow and we ran out of tasks, slow days are normal and bound to happen once in a while. They can be relaxing, but they can always mean a cut in income. If slow days become more frequent, there is a chance for you to be laid off, as the employee demand is lower than before. It’s also a big reason for a high turnover rate in the industry.

Newbies, prepare to meet the hookies of the group

There is and will always be that immature high schooler that doesn’t want to show up to work, and this causes frustration among the crew. The manager will often be lenient with the kids. They might discipline adult employees more. It’s difficult for the manager to teach those younger than 17 why work is important, about work ethics. They love to go out and play, not spend 8 hours working at a job their parents got them. As they get older, they will value work more, but in the meantime, you will meet them. The hard truth. But remember kitchen work as a team where every member is needed for a smooth home run. Don’t be that kid on the block who doesn’t value work and their peers have to carry them through the day.

          The restaurant industry is not your typical retail job, it is a heavily physically demanding field that teaches you how to be a well-rounded individual and it can also be unforgiving at times slight chance of misfortune. But in reality, it is one of the biggest industries on earth, every corner you will see a restaurant, no matter where you are. We are all foodies, after all, we live for the food, the atmosphere, the nightlife, it is just too good to forget about. And it’s all thanks to us restaurant employees. If you are a newbie ready to start in restaurants, they drop a note to our team and we will help you get going!