About Us

If you've worked in a restaurant, you know what "86'ed" means - something's spoilt or over. Edizeven (87) then, will stand for new beginnings, whether in your search for a new job or in your search for the top talent.

Edizeven is a jobs website built from the ground-up for the special needs of the restaurant and hospitality industry. Whether you work in a restaurant or you run one, time is scarce. You don't have the luxury of sitting for hours at a desk in front of a computer building your resume or looking for jobs or sifting through applicants. You're lucky to grab 15 minutes on your phone during your break.

If you're an applicant, Edizeven will allow you to quickly build-up an impressive resume in minutes! If you're hiring, Edizeven will help you post a snappy looking job post or a restaurant profile to attract the top talent from your geography.

Edizeven is a Seattle-based company. It was born out of the founder's own experiences with hiring when she ran a food-truck in Seattle. Edizeven's founder Shilpi Gupta spent a year running a food-truck named "Kukree" - and quickly discovered that hiring and retaining the top talent in the restaurant industry was difficult. Having spent 10 years in various technology roles at Amazon, she felt technology could be used better to solve the hiring problem and founded Edizeven.

Why Edizeven?

Mobile Friendly,

Easy to use

Edizeven is built from the ground upto be used from a smartphone.We know you don't spend hours sitting at a computer. Every page on Edizeven is mobile-friendly. Use it from your Android phone,iPhone, iPad or your laptop.



You can search jobs by job title, location, salary, benefits, restaurant type - all at the click of a single-button. No need to spend hours typing into a phone.

Build a resume

in minutes

We know your time is valuable. With Edizeven, you can build a smart, sharp and noticeable resume in minutes. We will make sure you get noticed.

Talk to us to build

your resume

Let's face it, sometimes you dont know what to highlight in your resume. Don't let that hold you back from your dream job! With Edizeven, you can talk to a real person to build a smart resume in minutes! This service is absolutely free of charge.



Now you can stand out even further from the crowd with our reference check feature. We know you've done great work in the past and there are co-workers, bosses willing to vouch for you. Edizeven, will call your references for you and if your references check out, we will highlight your resume with a 'references verified' badge.